Was the "natural born citizen" requirement for the President inserted into the US Constitution by Alexander Hamilton's enemies?

Having recently read the biography of Alexander Hamilton, it occurred to me that there is a possibility that the requirement, written into the Constitution, that the President be a "natural born... more


writing the function given zeros

I have to write the simplest function given 3 and 2+1. i need steps and im so confused.


Where can I find a list of capitalisation rules for pure British writing?

Is there any quality English orthography book that contains rules for capitalising in pure British English? I’ve noticed that an American newspaper capitalises every word in the title of an article... more

Where does the $-2ab$ term come from in the cosine law?

I understand that in the cosine rule i.e. $c^2 = a^2 + b^2 - 2ab \\cos C$, the cosine function acts to bring down the value of $c^2$ for acute angles ($\\cos C>0$, $-2ab\\cos C<0$ ) and... more


Y= -x^2-3x. I need to find the vertex, axis of symmetry y and x intercepts

someone please help me get the answers to this problem please and thanks 

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