what is the answer to 3n^2-8n-3


Systems of equations

Keegan invests $6200 in two different accounts. The first account is paid 6%, the second account paid 2% in interest. At the end of the first year he had earned $324 in interest. How much was in... more


Find how much high quality coffee bean and how much cheaper coffee bean she should blend

Sarah needs to prepare 140 pounds of blended coffee beans selling for $4.45 per pound. She plans to do this by blending together a high quality bean costing $5.25 per pound and a cheaper bean at... more


Total Quantity and Total Dollar Amount problem

At an ice cream parior, ice cream cost $1.10 and sundaes $2.35. One day, the receipts for a total of 172 cones and sundaes were $294.20. How many cones were sold?

Steve has a goal to raise a $400 for his favorite charity.he has raised $75 so far. What percent of his goal has he reached

Steve has a goal to raise a $400 for his favorite charity.he has raised $75 so far. What percent of his goal has he reached


For 4 hours of work, a consultant charges 400$. For 5 hours of work she charges 450$. Write a point slope equation to show this, then find the amount she will c

It’s a math related question. It’s based on point slope form. 

A bridge is 1 4/9 times as long as a 9000 ft bridge about how long is the first bridge

The Akashi kaikyo bridge and the Golden Gate Bridge in San francisco  that is about 9000ft


5 times the sum of some number and 3 is equal to 8 times the number minus 6

What is five times the sum of some number and three that is equal to eight times the number minus six


Write an equation of the line that passes through the point (6, 2) and is perpendicular to a line that passes through the points (-5, 3) and (-1, -9).

This topic is on writing equations of perpendicular line. It has to do with math and geometry.

Identify the distance, to the nearest tenth, between F(3,−4) and G(−8,3)

I've tried a few different methods but can't seems to get the correct answer.

What is the minimum number of bracelets that Tessa made last week?

Tessa makes bracelets. She works five days each week, from Monday to Friday. Her contract requires her to make a minimum of 150 bracelets every working day, for which she is paid a basic wage of... more


natalie recorded her exercise foe a week she ran 16 miles swam 3 miles biked 22 miles and roller bladed 7 miles what part of her total distance did she run

she ran 16 miles swam 3 miles biked 22 iles and rollarbladed 7 miles what part total distance did she run  

The bottom base of a trapezoid is 4 cm more than the top base and is 2 cm more than the altitude. If the area of the trapezoid is 100 cm^2, find the bases...

...(continue of the question) and the altitude. Solve and type an equation

A shopkeeper has two types of coffee beans. The first type sells for $5.20 per pound , the second for $5.80 per pound....

...(continue of the question) How many pounds of the first type must be mixed with 5 pounds of the second to produce a blend selling for $5.35 per pound? Solve and type an equation 

A publisher of mathematics books is sending a questionnaire to everyone on a certain mailing list. From experience, the publisher knows that 60%...

...(continue of the question) of the people receiving the questionnaire will either ignore it or throw it away. Of the remaining group, two thirds will fill out the questionnaire, but then only two... more
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