Increase in renewable resources affect human population

My question is does finding ways to increase the use of renewable resources reduce the worlds population or increase it?

read description please

In this week’s reading, the author says that the Founders “created a circumscribed presidency, not a dominant institution…” How does that compare with the office today that is often described as... more


I need help again

Finley has 152 yellow red and blue marbles in a bag he has seven more red marbles than yellow marbles and three times as many blue marbles as yellow marbles how many yellow marbles does Finley... more

Use of 'Genius' in Nicholas Nickleby?

In *Nicholas Nickleby*, people use the word "genius" to describe people they don't even know and in such a way that I do not believe it has the same meaning as we now use it with.For instance, Mr... more

Can you be a native speaker in two languages?

I was not born in an English-speaking country, but since birth, my mom spoke to me in one language and my dad another. It was and still is a bit of a mishmash, but I started kindergarten in... more

Henceforth vs. "hereinafter"?

What is the most suitable way to express that a sentence/word will be "replaced by" another sentence/word, from that point (in a text, for instance)?> * Henceforth called/named...* Hereinafter... more

To a degree vs. "to an extent"?

Is there a measurable difference in meaning between the phrases "to a degree" and "to an extent" (or "to some degree" and "to some extent")?Examples: * To [some degree / some extent] that is a... more


How can you minimize the risk from your investments?

cant answer


Which of the following is not a current liability?

Which of the following is not a current liability?   A. Accounts payable. B. A note payable due in 2 years. C. Current portion of long-term debt. D. Sales tax payable.

1/3(x + 9) = 12



8 pipes can fill a tank in 27 minutes. How long will it take to fill the tank if 2 pipes go out of order?

 I need the answer in minutes, hours, etc and need the steps too.

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