The velocity, measuered in meters/s of an object moving in a straight line path is given by:v(t)=sin(2t)e4+1determine the position of the object if s(0)=3

Do "other" trigonometric functions than Tan Sin Cos and their derivatives exist?

I remember my physics teacher mentioning that other trigonometric functions exist apart from the Sin Cos and Tan, he mentioned a few and they did not sound familiar, nothing like Sec Csc and Cot. I... more

Can a non-equilateral triangle with integer sides and integer angles (in degrees) exist?

I'm wondering if a triangle with integer sides and integer angles in degrees exists, which is not equilateral. Could someone come up with a proof for why or why not? *Edit:* Please do not answer... more


What is the positive integer n?

(1) For every positive integer m, the product m(m + 1)(m + 2) ... (m + n) is divisible by 16(2) n^2 - 9n + 20 = 0


Midpoint of a line segment

The point A lies on the line y=2X and the point B lies on the line y=x+3. The coordinates of the mid-point of AB are (2,6). What are the coordinates of A and of B ?   Ans: A(5 , 10) B(-1 , 2)


Find all the real zeros of the polynomial

Find all the real zeros of the polynomial P(x)=x4-2x3-13x2-10x  If there is more than one zero write them separated by commas. Give EXACT answers. No decimals. Its real zeros are= 

Answering mathematical equation questions

The price of a conference table is $419.99. The budget is $2000. I need 6 chairs. The price of one of those chairs is $199.99 If x is the price of a chair what algebraic equation can be written... more



Evaluate the following expression

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