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William Shakespeare Literature Word Coinage


How many of Shakespeare's words in his plays were new?

William Shakespeare is famous for using many words in his plays which were new introductions to the English language. According to [Shakespeare... more
William Shakespeare Literature Hamlet Theme


How do Hamlet's thoughts and doubts about the afterlife affect him?

In _Hamlet_, there are many references to the afterlife, god, and what the consequences of his actions are. ###My question is this: _Did Hamlet's pre-conceptions about the afterlife ultimately... more
William Shakespeare Literature Macbeth Allusions


What reference is Shakespeare making in Act 2 Scene 2 of Macbeth?

In Act 2 Scene 2 of *Macbeth* there is this line. > What hands are here? Ha! They pluck out mine eyes. Someone two days ago told me this is a reference to a different piece of literature. I... more
William Shakespeare Literature Meter


Why did Shakespeare write in iambic pentameter?

Shakespeare is incredibly famous for writing a lot in iambic pentameter. But why did he choose to write in this specific style of having ten beats and 5 stressed syllables per line? Considering... more
William Shakespeare Literature Story Identification


Name of Shakespeare play in which a woman both saves and punishes a man?

I'm trying to remember a quote I read from a Shakespeare book, but it has been at least 10 years so my memory of it is quite low. The little I remember is a man that is trying to hide enters a... more
William Shakespeare Literature Hamlet Meaning


What does the line “Excellent, i' faith, of the chameleon's dish. I eat the air, promise-crammed. You cannot feed capons so.” mean, from Hamlet?

> “Excellent, i' faith, of the chameleon's dish. I eat the air, promise-crammed. You cannot feed capons so.” *Hamlet*, act 3, scene 2 What does this sentence mean? What are the chameleon, air... more
William Shakespeare Literature The Tempest Margaret Atwood


In Margeret Atwood's "Hag-Seed," where is Caliban?

Margeret Atwood's _Hag-Seed_ is a metafictional retelling of Shakespeare's _The Tempest_. Many elements of _The Tempest_ are clearly recognizable (e.g. Felix is very obviously Prospero), while... more
William Shakespeare Literature Macbeth


Did Lady Macbeth communicate signs of her instability prior to the blood scene?

I'm looking back on Macbeth, and I'm wondering something that's piqued my interest again. There's a very well-known scene in Macbeth: the blood-spot scene, the hand-washing scene, and other such... more
William Shakespeare Literature Quote Identification


Identify a possible quote by Shakespeare?

To those familiar with Shakespeare, do you know where this phrase comes from? > Robust grass endures mighty winds; loyal ministers emerge through ordeal
William Shakespeare Literature Twelfth Night Meaning


What is meant by "came to practice" in John Manningham's description of Twelfth Night?

In the earliest mention of Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night"; John Manningham's Diary: > A good practice in it [was] to make the Steward believe his Lady . . . in love with him, by counterfeiting... more
William Shakespeare Literature Poetry Meaning


In the Sonnet 29 by Shakespeare, does the speaker pity himself over lack of skill as an artist or contentment?

Here is the "Sonnet 29" by Shakespeare. > When in disgrace with fortune and men's eyes, I all alone beweep my > outcast state, And trouble deaf heaven with my bootless cries, And >... more
William Shakespeare Literature


Shakespeare and Iambic pentameter?

My question is, 'Is Iambic pentameter just an illusion?' When I learned Shakespeare in school, my teacher emphasized on the thing called 'iambic pentameter'. That goes like 'du Dum du Dum......'... more
William Shakespeare English Literature


If William Shakespeare never wrote poems and play how would that impact the present day?

like if he never made them public would that make a impact on our play/dramas and movies today? For an essay

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