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What is the significance of the name "Kopy-Keck" in The Light Princess?

In "[The Light Princess](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Light_Princess)" by George MacDonald, the king consults "two very wise Chinese philosophers" about the princess's... more


Symbolism of Marx and Lenina's names in Huxley's Brave New World?

Reading Brave New World it seemed obvious to me that Bernard Marx and Lenina Crowne are in some way referring to Marx and Lenin, but I couldn't figure out any clue to support this claim. Is it... more


Meaning of President "Coin" in the Hunger Games books?

My impression was that the name Coin is meaningful as opposed to arbitrary. My thoughts on the meaning so far are: - "Other side of the same coin" in that Coin represents the good guys, but is... more
Name Significance Literature Hamlet The Odyssey


Is there any significance in Shakespeare's use of the name "Laertes" (name of the father of Odysseus) in Hamlet?

Is there any significance in Shakespeare's use of "Laertes" (name of the father of Odysseus) in Hamlet? Do we associate the name with The Odyssey more strongly than Shakespeare, to whom it was... more
Name Significance Literature Romeo And Juliet Homer


Is there any connection between Paris of Troy and Paris of Verona?

I just noticed that a character in Shakespeare's *Romeo and Juliet* has the same name as a character in Homer's *Iliad*: **Paris.** In both stories, Paris is one of two men who wish to be with the... more


How does Effie Trinket's name relate to how she is portrayed throughout the series?

[Merriam-Webster](https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/trinket) defines *Trinket* like this:>1: a small ornament (such as a jewel or ring) 2: a small article of equipment 3: a thing... more

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