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Holding period return

 Christopher purchased 200 shares of ABC stock at $21.25 per share. After nine months, he sold all of his shares at a price of $19.88 a share. Christopher received a total of $0.55 per share in... more


Is a graphical/original resume a good idea for a designer?

This is more a question about graphic design as a field than about methods.I am applying for web designer jobs out there, and have been wondering more and more about my resume. I have a quite... more


Preloading 20MB+ of images. Is it worth it to attempt this? ?

I'm developing a photography portfolio website. I want to know what would the best practice be for downloading images from a database. As of right now the entire gallery is roughly 20MB. The... more

Why does my client want her company name confidential, when I post my work on design sites?

One of the clients I'm working with insists that my work with her **stays confidential,** she doesn't want her **company logo nor their** name to be shown on my designs when posted on Behance.**Is... more

How to find the minimum variance portfolio, 2 company's, 5 portfolios.

Hi   i have found out the following     Weight in Kingsley Weight in Duvall ER SD 0.0%    100.0%  15.00     25.0025.0%   75.0%   13.75     21.25 50.0%   50.0%   12.50     18.8775.0%   25.0%... more

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