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Remainder Theorem


when 16x^3 - 32x^2 + cx - 8 is divided by ( 2x-1) the remiander is 1.Find the value of c

it is another maths of remainder problem. how could i findĀ  c????
Remainder Theorem


when 2x^3 - 3x^2 - 2x + a is divided by ( x-1 ) the remainder is 24. find the value of a

it is a math problem of remainder theorem can u tell me the solution :]
Remainder Theorem Factor Theorem


how can i find the remainder theorem and factor theorem to f(x)=4x^6-64x^4+x^3-19

How do I find the remainder theorem and factor theorem of : f(x)=4x^6-64x^4+x^3-19??

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