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Which back-end web programming language to use?

I have a project where I will be collaborating to build a fairly simple site with some database access. I will be doing the back-end work, and my colleague will be doing the web design. The problem... more


PHP: when to use arrays, and when to use objects for mostly-data-storing code constructs?

PHP is a mixed paradigm language, allowing to use and return non-object data types, such as arrays. I pose a question to try to clarify some guidelines for selection of arrays vs objects when... more

Programming style in Perl?

I work in Java so basically I use OOP paradigm during coding.I am about to start working in Perl and I was wondering what is the paradigm that Perl developers follow.In wiki it mentions that it... more

Is dynamic language always interpreted?

Looking at most (if not all) dynamic languages [i.e Python, PHP, Perl and Ruby], they are all interpreted. Correct me if I'm wrong. Is there any example of dynamic language that goes through... more
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Pcregrep vs Perl vs Python for bash scripting when needing advanced regex features?

I've lately been using `pcregrep` to do Perl-style group matching when doing my bash scripts.The problem with `pcregrep` is that it's not readily available on Linux machines in general.An... more


Can Perl be used for natural language processing?



Can I see some Perl code?

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