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is the sun a planet

I was wondering if the sun is a planet?

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Grigori S. | Certified Physics and Math Teacher G.S.Certified Physics and Math Teacher G.S.

The sun is a star because it produces the energy it radiates and makes itself visible. This energy is a result of thermonuclear reactions taking place in the core of the star where the temperature reacxhes at

T = 20,000, 000 0 K - high enough to tirgger thermonuclear reactions (formation of one nucleus of helium from nuclei of hydrogen).

Planets can't produce enough energy that makes them visible in space, they are cold cosmic bodies visible only if there is a star the radiation of which is reflected by the planet back to space.

Stellar masses are arranged from 0.01 - 100 solar masses (theoretical upper limit, while observable is around 46 solar masses). Planets orbit their central stars, while stars orbit the center of the Galaxy (Milky Way).


Uhh...probably more than 100 solar masses as well. What about VY Canis Majoris, for example?

I don't have an information about the mass of the object.

100 solar masses is an approximate theoretical limit. More precisely, it' defcined by Eddington's lunimosity limit, at which the radiation pressure is strong enough to overcome gravity (stars with masses above this limit are expected to be unstable). 46 solar masses I used above, is an old data (approximately 20 yeras ago).  

It is possible for a star to exceed the 100 solar mass limit, though it would have only been possible for stars in the early universe. Having a near zero metallicity, stars could have grown to be exceedingly large, much larger than any star we have observed to this day.

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As Roman Stated the sun is not a planet. The sun is a star, like the other stars in the sky. The reason it is so bright is that it is so much closer to us than the other stars. Planets orbit or circle around stars, as do comets, and asteroids. Our moon circles around the earth, just as the earth orbits the sun. The moon is not a planet, since it is circling a planet, but the concept is the same., Hope this helps.

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The sun is a star.  Stars are not planets.  The planets orbit the sun.

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No. The sun is a star.