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How do I pay my tutor. I don't want a package and CC is registered

As above.
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You would be best to call or email WyzAnt to get this kind of information.
This question/answer area is where students ask questions and tutors are here in their spare time to reply.
I believe WyzAnt monitors the area and you may get an answer from them; but calling them direct is best.
You do not need to supply payment information to advertise for and communicate with a tutor online.
But you will need some kind of payment information before a tutor will meet with you or provide their phone number.  WyzAnt is in part a "payment agent" for us, handles the billing and we pay them a fee to do so,; thus eliminating that administrative overhead from our work.
WyzAnt has a "Good Fit Guarantee" for the 1st hour; so you do not pay if you do not find you are happy with a tutor for whatever reason - they recognize that not every tutor is right for everyone.  In addition, except for a package, they do not charge you until some time after a lesson is completed - A tutor has to submit a report and lesson summary after each lesson before charges are made. They also have a good refund policy for any monies not used.