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Lewis Dot Diagram


Describe h2o electron pair geometry

Include the shape of the molecule taking into account all electron pairs.


Why does ClO3- only have 2 double bonds instead of 3?

I drew a Lewis Structure of ClO3- with 3 double bonds instead of 2 and 1 single bond but I'm wondering if it is a valid structure.  Is there a maximum amount of double bonds that Cl can make?
Lewis Dot Diagram


Lewis structure for HNO3

Why doesn't the Lewis structure for HNO3 form two double bonds to give nitrogen a (0) formal charge?
Lewis Dot Diagram Chemistry Molecules Noble Gases


Which Lewis Dot Diagram could represent a noble gas?

1. X (Two dots at top) 2. X (Dots all around except on right, only has one instead of two) 3. X (One on the right) 4. X (Dots all around except on left, only has on instead of two)
Lewis Dot Diagram Chemistry


whats the Lewis structure for HOCl?

its the molecule HOCl

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