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How do I prove that a set of closed sets is itself closed.

Hi, I have been asked the following but am struggling.   Let {Ωa : a ∈ I} be an arbitrary family of closed sets Ωa ⊆ Rd with an index set I. Prove that   ∩     Ωa a ∈ I   is a closed... more
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How do i convert to index form?

No idea what i'm doing. But how do i change 5 / 9 (a + 3b) ^7 to index form. Could i also have your formula and your thought process to your answe


(3s^2)^5 x (3s^2)^-1

Could you involve the steps please?


Find the speed of light in glass, the angle of refraction in glass and the critical angle

The index of refraction of glass is 1.5. Find the speed of light in glass, the angle of refraction in glass, if the light is incident from water at an angle of 40°, the critical angle of incidence... more


Square roots?

I can't figure these out and any help would be appreciated!  Thank you! 1.   9(√6-2) 2.   (6√2+8√3)(√2+9√3) 3.   (√6+x)2 4.   (3√4-6)(3√2+6) 5.   (√x-3+5)2 6.   7y√20y+9√20y3  

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