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How many 1 cup servings are in 3 and 1/2 cups

I need help with my homework
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complementation test

What is a complementation test? When two mutants complementeach other, that is, when you recover the wild type, does this meanthat they are on the same locus, or in different loci?
Homework Test


I'm don't understand

consider the following two lines. The first passesthrough the points (-2,-4) and (1,2). the second line passes througt the point (1,1) and is parallel to the frist line. Find an equation for the... more
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Carnival Game Expected Value

Imagine a carnival game where you get to randomly pull numbered balls from a bag. The bag contains 100 balls uniquely numbered from 1-100. The game is $1 to try. If you pull any number 1-99,... more

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