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Volitional Form Grammar Japanese Nuances


Understand the difference between [dictionary/ない + ようとする] and [volitional + にする]?

I have come across a couple of concepts that seem relatively similar, but I would like an understanding on their differences, if any. The first is the dictionary/ない form + ようとする. And the other is... more
Volitional Form Grammar Japanese Passive Voice


Meaning of volitional passive form?

> お姉ちゃんに何を**言われようが**、まる子はウキウキ気分なのであった。 > What was said by her sister ???? but, Maruko felt cheerful. I can't think of any way in which something which is passive can also be volitional. How... more
Volitional Form Grammar Japanese Verbs


Does the volitional form of a verb mean both "let's" and "I want to"?

I was taught ages ago that the volitional form of a verb means "let's" do something. For example, if you take `行{い}く` and change it to `行{い}こう`, you get "let's go". However, I feel like I can use... more

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