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How many students were in the group initially?

A group of students decide to divide the $400 profit from their book sale among themselves. When they realize that there are three additional students with whom they must split the profits, they... more


How much undissolved sugar remains (HELP URGENT PLEASE)

Suppose that sugar dissolving in water at room temperature is modeled by S(t)=Soe^kt where S(t) is the amount of undissolved sugar after t hours. If 100g of sugar was added to a sufficient volume... more
Decrease Percentage


there were 80 gallons of gas in a tank...

There were 80 gallons of gas in a tank. Now there are only 50 gallons left.  a) calculate the decrease in the amount of gas in the tank as a percentage of the original. This percentage is the... more


Calculus Homework (derivatives)

I was able to answer a I just can't figure out how to do b or c.   Let f(x)= x3e-9x   a) Find the derivative of f ' (x)   I got this answer: -9e-9xx3+3e-9xx2     b) Find the critical... more
Decrease Math Rounding Percent


How to answer? I'm confused on the second part

The human body is 65% water. A certain man weighed 150 lb. After 1 year on a diet, his weight decreased by 15%. Round all the calculations to two decimal points.   a. Before the diet, how much of... more


Word problem help plz!

This is purely for me wanting to learn more math, this is not an assignment or test Q, I just want to improve my word problem ability, please help :(   A company currently sells 600 units of the... more

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