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Clear a terminal screen for real?

Using the `clear` command on the terminal only fools the user into thinking the screen has been cleared...you can still see output from the previous commands when you scroll using the mouse. This... more
Terminal Ruby


How to execute a Ruby script in Terminal?

I've set everything up that I need on my Mac (Ruby, Rails, Homebrew, Git, etc), and I've even written a small program. Now, how do I execute it in Terminal? I wrote the program in Redcar and saved... more


Concatenate multiple files but include filename as section headers?

I would like to concatenate a number of text files into one large file in terminal. I know I can do this using the cat command. However, I would like the filename of each file to precede the "data... more


Print in terminal with colors?

How can I output colored text to the terminal, in Python?What is the best Unicode symbol to represent a solid block?
Terminal Unix Macos File


Copying files across computers using SSH and MAC OS X Terminal?

I'm trying to copy my .profile, .rvm and .ssh folders/files to a new computer and I know how to use the `cp` and `ssh` commands but I'm not sure how to use them in order to transfer files from one... more
Terminal Linux Unix Shell


How can I copy the output of a command directly into my clipboard?

How can I pipe the output of a command into my clipboard and paste it back when using a terminal? For instance: cat file | clipboard
Terminal Linux Command Line


How to get the current date and time in the terminal and set a custom command in terminal for it?

I have to check the time in linux terminal.<br/> What is the command for getting date and time in Linux terminal ?<br/> Is there any way in which we can set custom function ?

Take multiple inputs in a single line in terminal

I want to know how to use multiple cimmand in a single line, so that once I hit enter then each command will be executed one by one and it will be completed once every command has been executed... more


Angle θ is an angle in standard position and B(-3,4) is a point on the terminal side of the angle. Find the value of sin(θ).

Angle θ is an angle in standard position and B(-3,4) is a point on the terminal side of the angle. Find the value of sin(θ).

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