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Xor Logic


Pass two integers as one integer?

I have two integers that I need to pass through one integer and then get the values of two integers back. I am thinking of using Logic Operators (AND, OR, XOR, etc) .

XOR of three values?

What is the simplest way to do a three-way exclusive OR? In other words, I have three values, and I want a statement that evaluates to true IFF only *one* of the three values is true. So far,... more


What does Exclusive in XOR really mean?

Maybe this is just obvious to everyone but can someone explain where XOR (or Exclusive-OR) got its name from? What does the word ***Exclusive*** really mean? Not that it matters, but its just stuck... more
Xor C Logic


C: XNOR / Exclusive-Nor gate?

I am trying to find the most effective way of writing a XNOR gate in C. if(VAL1 XNOR VAL2) { BLOCK; } Any suggestions? Thanks.
Xor Java Logic


In Java XOR with three true inputs returns true. Why?

The following code System.out.println("1 0 0: " + (true ^ false ^ false)); System.out.println("1 0 1: " + (true ^ false ^ true)); System.out.println("1 1 0: " + (true ^ true ^ false)); ... more

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