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Objective C Logic Types Boolean


What is the Objective-C way of getting a nullable bool?

How should I go about getting a bool value that I can assign true, false and nil to in Objective-C? What is the Objective-C way of doing this? Much like C#'s Nullable<bool>. I'm looking to... more
Objective C C Ios Floating Point


How dangerous is it to compare floating point values?

I know `UIKit` uses `CGFloat` because of the resolution independent coordinate system.But every time I want to check if for example `frame.origin.x` is `0` it makes me feel sick: if... more
Objective C C Iphone


How do I define and use an ENUM in Objective-C?

I declared an enum in my implementation file as shown below, and declared a variable of that type in my interface as PlayerState thePlayerState; and used the variable in my methods. But I am... more

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