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5th Grade Math


Mark has 312 books. He has 11 times as many fiction books as non fiction books. How many fiction books does he have?

do u divide 312 by 11 to get it rounded 28 books and then subtract 28 from 12? this doesn't give you any of the answers.  a-26 b-212 c-286 d-301
5th Grade Math


There are 5 times as many yellow labs as terriers in the dog park. If there are a total of 18 dogs, how many are terriers?

need help with math question above please
5th Grade Math


U hav 56 balls. U put 3.x as many balls into red bags as green bags. If u put same # balls into ea bag, How many balls do u pity in green bags?

John has 56 balls. He puts 3 times as many balls into red bags as he puts into greenbags. If he puts the sameof balls into each bag, how many balls does he put into green bags??
5th Grade Math


how many squares of any size are in a 5 x 5 grid?

directions say to make it a smaller problem to solve the larger problem.
5th Grade Math


Step by step direction for convert fractions and decimals

My fifth grade daughter is having trouble in math she's A+ student but math is getting really hard she's working on convert fractions and decimals numbers and doesn't understand it help.
5th Grade Math


Laura favorite clothes are five sweaters, four skirts, three jackets, two pair of shoes and one belt.

How many ways can Laura wear her favorite clothes without repeating the same exact outfit?
5th Grade Math


the problems says to change one or both fractions so that they have the same denominator. Then write < > or =. How is this done on problems like 2/5 1/2

how do we solve the problem 3/4 2/3 how is this made < > or =?k

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