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Joy C.

asked • 10/23/20

Calculus Graphs: Please help me check if my answer is correct

The graph below shows the graph of f (x), its derivative f '(x), and its second derivative f "(x). Which of the following is the correct statement?

A graph is shown with three functions. Function A is a parabola with a minimum of about 0 comma negative 8 crossing the y axis around x equals negative 0.8 and around x equals 0.8. Function B is a quartic function with 2 minimums around x equals negative 1.5 and x equals 1.5 and one maximum at x equals 0. Function C is a cubic function increasing to a local maximum at about negative 0.8 comma 4.25 then decreasing through an inflection point at the origin and then increasing around 0.8 comma negative 4.25 to the right. (4 points)

A is f ', B is f, C is f ".
I chose this answer: A is f ", B is f, C is f '.

A is f ', B is f ". C is f.

A is f, B is f ', C is f ".

Mark M.

Which is your answer?


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