Keeki S.

asked • 08/25/20

Probabilty Data Managment questions

1. A family of 7 are to take a photograph.

a) How many arrangements are possible if the triplets (Jack, Bob, Don) are side by side

b) How many arrangements are possible if the Parents (Aex and Molly) are not side by side

2. George is immersed in a game of Yahtzee. Assuming the game is played with fair dice, find the

probability of the following:

a. A two or a five with one die.

b. Two fives with two dice.

3. Avery and Bradley work at a large electronics manufacturer that produces DVD players. The

defective rate on the assembly line has gone up to 12% and the manager wants to know the

probability that a skid of 50 DVD players will contain at least 3 defective units.

a) Help Avery use the binomial distribution to answer this question.

b) Help Bradley use the normal approximation to answer this question.

4.The results for a university entrance exam are normally distributed with μ=38 and σ=9.

What is the probability that an exam chosen at random will have a score greater than 63, but

less than 73? Use the “Areas Under the Normal Distribution Curve” table on the last page of this

exam. (Assume data is continuous)

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