Lin S.

asked • 02/05/20

continuity calculas 1

The function  is given by the formula    f(x)=(5x3+162+10x+21)/x+3     , when x<-3 

 and by the formula f(x)=-3x2+2x+a     , when x>= -3.

What value must be chosen for  in order to make this function continuous at -3?

a = 

1 Expert Answer


Lin S.

how to find the answer while the first limit does not exist?


Eric C.

The limit does exist. The numerator is factorable and has a factor of (x+3), so even though the formula is undefined at x=-3, the limit still exists. (5x^3+16x^2+10x+21)/x+3 = 5x^2 + x + 7 except at x = -3.


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