Jared B.

asked • 10/16/19

two word problems i am having trouble with

  1. Jack can do a certain job in 20 mins less time than Allen can do the same job. One day Jack starts the job but stops after 10 minutes due to getting hurt. Allen steps in and finishes the job after working for 15 minutes. How long can Jack do this job by himself if he were not injured? Answer must be rounded to nearest tenth.

  1. A retailer bought a number of collectible cups for $48. She keeps two of the cups for herself and sells the remaining cups for $3 more thanthe original cost per cup. If she sells the remaining cups for $70, how many cups did she buy and at what price per cup did she sell? Let x be the number of cups she purchased.

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Arthur D. answered • 10/16/19

Effective Mathematics Tutor

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