Laura B.

asked • 08/28/19

Solve the question algebraically

|4x-3| = 5 square root (x+4)

note that 4x-3 is in between absolute value bars and x+4 is being square rooted completely, not just x

i know the answer is supposed to be -1.3029 and 4.3654 but I do not know how to get there algebraically.

Please help.

Michael S.

Because there is an absolute value, you need to set up 2 equations. 1. (4x-3) = 5 sqrt(x+4) 2. -(4x-3) = 5 sqrt(x+4) In this case, it won't matter because you're going to square both sides to get rid of the root. 1a. (4x-3)^2 = (5 *sqrt(x+4))^2 1b. 16x^2 - 24x + 9 = 25 (x+4) 1c. 16x^2 - 49x - 91 = 0 Same path on 2 will give you the same quadratic equation as 1c.


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Jayson K. answered • 08/28/19

Mr. K's Tutoring

Laura B.

Thank you so much! I appreciate it greatly!


Matthew S. answered • 08/28/19

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