Asked • 06/27/19

Mediant, submediant, and minor keys?

I am familiar with the degree names: tonic, supertonic, mediant, etc but not sure of their use in minor keys. Let's consider C major and minor. Some are clear, the dominant and subdominant will be G and F in both. The mediant is E in C major, is it E♭ in C minor? The submediant is even less clear, is it A♭ in C minor? What about A♮? It is an accidental in C minor but a common note nonetheless. Are there terms for the two As? What is the leading note: B♭ or B♮? B♭ is in the key signature but if a progression is actually leading up to the tonic then B♮ seems more likely even in C minor. Whichever is the leading note, how is the other referred to?

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Dixie O. answered • 07/10/19

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