Asked • 06/27/19

Modal scales' variations?

I know two basic variations of minor and major scales, and these are melodic and harmonic. My question is, are there melodic and harmonic variations of modal scales? Like Dorian harmonic? or Mixolydian melodic? Can I just raise their degrees to achieve it, or maybe something like that does not exist in music theory? Let's say we have: A Aeolian: A B C D E F G and A Dorian: A B C D E F♯ G Now A minor harmonic would be: A B C D E F G♯ (7 degree raised) Will A dorian harmonic be: A B C D E F♯ G♯ (7 degree raised?) I know how to make harmonic and melodic from minor scale, but how to do this with other scales? (all modal scales like Dorian, Mixolydian etc.)

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Jake R. answered • 07/01/19

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