Eliott B.

asked • 06/26/19

Standard tuning Capo 8 Alternative?

Hello! Chords used, Eminor, Raised C(open C shape moved up two frets), C,

Basically id just like more room on the fretboard. If i tuned to D standard (DGCFAD) would i still be able to play the same chords just with no Capo? Im assuming that it would be the same notes, just an octave lower.

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Theodore D. answered • 07/02/19

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Eliott B.

Thank you! This is exactly the answer I was looking for. Yes, I am only asking because I wanted a more open fretboard. Thanks so much for the response. I cant wait to try it out tonight after work


Eliott B.

I use capo on the 8th fret for a couple of reasons. The first is that I like how my voice sounds with it when I am singing. The second is that I do a lot of fingerpicking and I like the sound of the higher notes over a lower 2nd guitar. An example, I can play in the key of C with capo 8 on one guitar for higher notes and my other guitarist will be tuned down and playing in the lower register. It may not be the standard way of doing things but i am an experimental songwriter and like to use multiple instruments in unconventional ways to create a unique sound


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