Asked • 06/21/19

How to modulate from minor to parallel major?

I'm trying to find a good modulation from Dm to D. I know that I could use Dm-A7-D but it feels a bit to unsophisticated. I thought that I maybe could do something like Dm-X-C-X-Em-X-D where X is zero or more chords, but with no luck. The transition back is already fixed. I did that with D-D7-G-Gm-Gm7-G&#176;⁷-Dm. I'm not 100% satisfied, but it works. But the minor to major still haunts me. The song is kind of a dixiejazz version of Midnight in Moscow. The full chord progression of a chorus is this: <pre> Dm Gm A7 Dm F Gm C7 F E7 A7 Dm Gm Dm A7 Dm E7 A7 Dm Gm Dm A7 Dm </pre> The major version of the chorus is: <pre> D G A7 D F# G D E7 A7 D G D A7 D E7 A7 D G D A7 D </pre> The difference is pretty small, but just putting them after each other does not work very well. I need to either build some kind of bridge between them or do the transition within the chorus. However, I have already spent quite a lot of work on the beginning in the major key, so I would prefer a bridge. EDIT: I found a solution that works for my case, but I will not accept any answer unless someone comes with something really stellar about this topic. Thanks for your answers so far.

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Jerry P.

You can also do so by employing the V of the V chord by the way.


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