Asked • 05/28/19

Other than scale-degree 7, do other scale degrees have names for their altered forms?

In a major key, we have names for all seven scale degrees: - Tonic - Supertonic - Mediant - Subdominant - Dominant - Submediant - Leading Tone To this we can add the subtonic, scale-degree ♭7 that rests a whole step below tonic instead of the leading tone's half step. We might also say that we colloquially refer to ♭2 as the Neapolitan scale degree. I'm wondering if there are names (however rarely used) for other altered scale degrees. Scale-degree 6, for instance, has two common forms, yet to my knowledge we call them both "submediant." This reaches a point of diminishing returns very quickly—surely there's no name for the raised third scale degree in major, since that's just enharmonic to the subdominant—so I'm mostly curious on whether common alterations like ♭3 or ♭6 have specific names.

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