Asked • 05/14/19

Do network adapters read incoming bits in a single stream?

When a Gigabit network adapter is receiving data, how is it receiving the bits? Is it seeing it all in one stream of 0's and 1's? Or is there somehow multiple streams of 0's and 1's coming in at the same time? For example... let's say there's two sending devices and one receiving device. Devices 1 and 2 start sending network data to Device 3 at the same time. My assumption is that from Device 3's Network adapter's point of view, all the 0's and 1's are coming across in a single stream of data. It can figure out what data is from Device 1 or 2, but the data is still just one stream of millions/billions of bits. Am i totally wrong? :)

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Dmitriy P. answered • 10/15/19

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