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graph the line that contains the point (-4,4) and has a slope of -2/3

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1 Answer

This question is such that you don't have to analyze the equation to graph it.  For this one, your first point will be at (-4,4), which means you move from the origin left 4, and then up another 4.  This puts the point in quadrant II.  Then, from that point, count the slope.  When I teach this, I remind my students that slope is rise over run, or the change in y over the change in x.  What this means is that you move vertically based on the numerator, and horizontally based on the denominator.  Also, to help with directions, I suggest that your vertical movement be based on the sign, which means that your horizontal movement will always be to the right.  In this case, the slope is negative, so from your starting point, you will move down 2 and right 3.  You can count the same movement from the new point and make a third point.  Then, connect the points, and you have your line.