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A's Shoes and B's Shoes Footwear both have outlets in City 1 and City 2. A's sells shoes for $70, sandals for $60, and boots for $140. B's prices are $50, $50, and $170 for shoes, sandals and boots, respectively. Half of all sales in city 1 stores are shoes 1/4, and sandals, and 1/4 are boots. 
In city 2 the fractions are 1/5 shoes, 1/5 sandals, and 3/5 boots. 
Write a 2X3 Matrix representing prices for the two stores and three types of footwear. 
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1 Answer

Let's let the matrix be:
[  A-shoes       A-sandals      A-boots]
   B-shoes       B-sandals      B-boots
If we substitute in our values:
[$70          $60        $140]
 $50          $50        $170