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Jess H.

asked • 05/13/18

coordinate geometry

the point A has coordinates (-2,5) and the point B has coordinates (8,-6).
a) find an equation for the straight line AB, giving your answer in the from px+qy=r, where p,q, and r are integers.
b) the point C has coordinates (k,k+1). given that angle ACB is a right angle find the two possible values of k.
i got k=38/21 and k=-135 but i feel like that's wrong can someone do part B step by step?

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Mark M. answered • 05/13/18

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Arthur D.

Mark, I got 2k2-3k-44=0 which factors into (2k-11)(k+4)=0
k=5.5 and k+1=6.5
k=-4 and k+1=-3
using (-4,-3) for C works out and (5.5,6.5) for C also works out


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