Daisy C.

asked • 04/03/18

EASY - related rates question about rectangle area

A rectangle has one side of 8 cm. How fast is the area of the rectangle changing at the instant when the other side is 18 cm and increasing at 2 cm per minute?
This is how I set it up:
dA/dt = L(dw/dt) + w(dL/dt)
0 = 18(dw/dt) + (8)(2)
I keep getting 0 cm^2/min as my answer which is obviously wrong

1 Expert Answer


Kenneth S. answered • 04/03/18

4.8 (62)

Calculus will seem easy if you have the right tutor!

Daisy C.

Thank you!! Yes the wording threw me off completely. Thank you for your help!


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