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Easy Worded Problem


The Product of 2 numbers is 72. If one number is 6, what is the other number?

The product of 2 numbers is 72. If one number is 6 what is the other number? 

EASY - related rates question about rectangle area

A rectangle has one side of 8 cm. How fast is the area of the rectangle changing at the instant when the other side is 18 cm and increasing at 2 cm per minute?   This is how I set it... more
Easy Worded Problem


3 of 4 Sarah and Henry share some sweets in the ratio 5:6 Sarah eats 16 of her sweets and the ratio of sweets left becomes 1:2 .How many sweets did Henry have?

I really hope that you can answer this real quick. This question has been bugging me a lot so I would really appreciate if you can do it while showing the working out.So yeah i really hope that you... more

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