asked • 03/02/18

The area of a circle is less than 1 dm². Find the radius of the circle.

The radius of the circle is less than______dm.

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Kenneth S. answered • 03/03/18

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Mark M.

Perhaps the 2 on the m got in the way?
A < 0.1
πr2 < 0.1
r2 < 0.01/π
r < √(0.1/π)


Kenneth S.

I inserted the missing right parenthesis on the first line of my solution.
I'm using meters as the basic unit of measure; 1 dm = 0.1 m and therefore the square of 1 dm is 0.01 m.
I believe that my answer is correct, where m means meter.
Mark, in your third line, how does the coefficient 0.01 come about, based on the line above it?


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