Tim S.

asked • 07/19/17

Word problems!

The common cricket can be used as a crude thermometer. The colder the temperature, the slower the rate of chirping. The table below shows the average chirp rate of a cricket at various temperatures. The regression line for predicting the temperature from the chirp rate is y=26.8+12.35x. Predict the temperature if the chirp rate is 1.9 chirps per second.
Chirp Rate (Chirps/sec) Temp (°F)
2.5                               59.1
1.4                               43.8
1.7                               44.4
2.0                               45.6
3.2                               69.2
1.0                               44.5

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Arturo O. answered • 07/19/17

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Tim S.

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Arturo O.

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