Elizabeth M.

asked • 01/28/18

Venn Diagram help?

After leaving the polls, many people are asked how they voted. (This is called an exit poll.) Concerning Propositions A, B, and C, the following information was obtained: 296 people voted yes on A, 92 voted yes only on A, 343 voted yes on B, 166 voted yes only on B, 517 voted yes on A or B, 332 voted yes on C, no one voted yes on all three, and 73 voted no on all three. (Round your answers to one decimal place.)
I'm stuck. I can't figure out how to use this information to fill in the venn diagram I need for the rest of the question. 

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Andrew M. answered • 01/28/18

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Andrew M.

Total number of voters polled:
A + B + C + x + y + z + 73
= 92 + 166 + 195 + 122 + 82 + 55 + 73
= 785 voters polled


Elizabeth M.

Thank you so much! That makes so much more sense. Labeling the areas and solving for the variables makes complete sense! Thank you!


Andrew M.

You're very welcome Elizabeth.
Best of luck to you.  :-)


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