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basedon venn diagram

A market researcher investigating preference for 3 brands of beverages coffee, tea and cocoa in Kisumu city gathered the following information. From a sample of 800 consumers, 230 took coffee, 245 took tea and 325 took cocoa. 30 took all three beverages, 70 took coffee and cocoa, 110 took coffee only while 185 took cocoa only.


i.                     Present the above information in a venn diagram                                                 

ii.                   Find the number of customers who took tea only

iii.                  Find the number of customers who took tea and coffee only

iv.                 Find the number of customers who took none of the beverages.



I did this problem on 2/23/14. Try to look it up.
Arthur D. 

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i. See:
ii. 105
iii. 80
iv. 80