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Can you help me to solve this problem? x/5=70

Can you show me how to work this problem out as well

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Good day, Alice

Don't let the x in the problem worry you.

First let's look at the problem.


something over five is equal to 70

This means that 70 multiplied by 5 is equal to x

A simple multiplication problem leads you to the conclusion that

70 × 5 = 350

350 is your final answer

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Greetings Alice!

The objective here is to calculate what value of x for which that statement is true. X itself is just a variable which cab take on any value we need it to but may not necessarily result in the right answer. Case in point, let's pick a value at random: 20.

If X were 20 then the equation would look like this:

20/5 = 70

As we know though, 20/5 is 4, which is NOT 70. Therefore, the question we are asking ourselves is "what is the value of a number that equals 70 when it is divided by 5?"

Since we are talking about Algebra here, we can actually re-ask the question in a slightly different way. See, when you have an equation you can do whatever mathematical operation you want to one side provided you do the exact same thing to the other side. In this example we can multiply both sides by 5 and simplify both sides to get this:

5 * (x/5) = 70 * 5

See now that on the left side.  of the equation, you are simply left with x? This is because we are both multiplying and dividing x by the same number, which has the net effect of multiplying x by 1. The right side of the equation becomes 70 * 5, which equals 350.

So you see, we've changed our question to "what number is 70 times 5?" The answer is x = 350!

What it boils down to is that sometimes in algebra you are given the answer first, and must then seek to ask the right question.

Have a good day!

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This is a proportionality problem:     x/5 = 70

It is equivalent to the following:     x/5 = 70/1

To solve for a variable in a fractional expression, we cross multiply:

(numerator of left ratio)(denominator of right ratio)=(denominator of left ratio)(numerator of right ratio)

          (x)(1) = (5)(70)

                x = 350

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X divided by 5 is somehow equal to 70. That must mean that 5 times 70 equals X, because when I divide X by 5, I get 70.

To get this answer, we multiply both sides of the equation by the same number. If we multiply both sides by 12 or 56 or any other number, the equations still holds true. So let's choose a number to multiply both sides by that will get X be itself. How about 5 ? When we multiply X/5 by 5, we get X. And when we multiply the other side -- in this case, 70 -- we get 350. So X = 350.

Steve T.