Surya K.

asked • 10/11/17

What is (ab) the whole conjugate

Here no plus or minus is there, then how could we able to find conjugate?

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Andrew M. answered • 10/11/17

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Andrew M.

What Arturo is saying is that if a and b are complex numbers,
then the conjugate of ab is the conjugate of a multiplied by
the conjugate of b.
Example:  a = 2+3i, conjugate = 2-3i
               b = 4- 2i, conjugate = 4+2i
Find conjugate of ab:
= 8 + 4i - 12i -6i2
= 8 - 8i +6
= 14 - 8i


Xerxes K.

Very thank you sir.
Now i could understand the concept of conjugate as well as the doubts i had....
Once again i thank you.....


Andrew M.

You're welcome Xerxes.
Best of luck in your endeavors. 


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