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A middle school counselor, attempting to correlate school performance with leisure interests, found that of a group of students, 32 had seen Movie A, 26 had seen Movie B, 25 had seen Movie C, 15 had seen Movies A and B, 12 had seen Movies A and C, 9 had seen Movies B and C, 4 had seen all three films, and 5 had seen none of the three films. Use a Venn diagram to complete parts (a) through (c) below.

Complete the Venn diagram. Let A be the set of students that saw Movie A, B be the set of students that saw Movie B, and C be the set of students that saw Movie C.


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4 students saw all 3 films;

5 students say none of them;

11 saw A and B but not C;

8 saw A and C but not B;

5 saw B and C but not A;

9 saw movie A only;

6 saw movie B only;

8 saw movie C only;


I'll post it for you. The name of the file is Venn Diagram.jpg
Look for it in resources section
11 + 8 + 5 = 24
per the results of the Venn Diagram