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Can you help me with this:

Write the equation in slope-interest form and identify the slope and the 7 intercept. 2x-5y+10=0

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I think you meant slope- intercept form.

The equation of a line is y=mx+b

y= how far up

x= how far along

m= slope (steepness of the line)

b= y intercept (where the line crosses the y axis)

To get the equation in slope intercept form

2 xs+5y+10=0

First, we need to move 5y to the right side of the equation so that the y variable is isolated.

2x +5y-5y+10= -5y

Leaves 2x+10= -5y

Then we need to flip the equation around to read

-5y= 2x+10

To solve for y we use the inverse operation of division. we will divide -5y by -5. Remember, you have to perform the same operation for all terms on both sides of the equations.

Therefore: -5y/-5= 2x/-5 + 10/-5 = y = 2/-5 x -2

The slop-intercept form of this equation will be y= 2/-5 x - 2

The slope will be -2/5

The y-intercept will be -2


I think you copied the problem wrong.  You have 5x + 2y = 10, but the original says 5x - 2y = 10.


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I think you meant slope-intercept form.

To solve for slope-intercept form of a linear equation, solve the equation for y.

2x - 5y + 10 = 0                                   Given

2x - 5y + 10 - 2x - 10 = 0 - 2x - 10         Subtract 2x and 10 from each side

- 5y = - 2x - 10                                     Simplify

-5y/(-5) = (-2x - 10)/(-5)                       Divide each side by -5

y = (2/5)x + 2                                       Simplify each side (distribute the -5 on right side)

The slope-intercept form of the equation is y = (2/5)x + 2.

The slope is the fraction that is multiplied by x (2/5).

The y-intercept is the constant being added to the slope times x (+2).



Thank you so very much. I kept getting stuck at the Divide each side by -5. I was using just 5.  This helped me a lot.