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(2,-2) slope=2 how to put it in slope intercept form

i cnt figure out how to do this

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The equation of a line is

y-y1=m(x-x1) ,where y1 is your y-cord, m is your slope and x1 is your x-cord.

the information you provided was m=2, (2,-2)

now plug in


now solve for y to put it in the form of y=mx+b where m is your slope and b is your y intercept



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The equation of a line is given by:

y = mx + b

where m = slope = 2 and therefore y = 2x + b.  Since x = 2 and y = -2 (this is given by the point at (2,-2)), you can solve for b:


-2 = 2(2) + b

-2 = 4 + b

-6 = b


Thus the equation of the line that passes through the point (2, -2) and has slope = 2 is


y = 2x - 6



Alejandro is absolutely right. But here are a few more comments to help you understand.
              y = mx + b
is called the slope intercept form because you can read off directly the slope (m) and the intercept of the y axis (b).

When you are given the slope and a point, you use the points x and y coordinate as the x and y value in this equation and solve for b.

If you are given two points, you first determine the slope from both points and then use one of the points (it doesn't matter which) to find the y intercept.

So let's say you were given (2, -2) and (5, 4)

Calculate the slope as (y1-y2)/(x1-x2) = (-2-4)/2-5) = -6/-3 = 2

and then continue as Alejandro described.


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two ways to answers this. 

Y=mx plussign b

(2,-2) M=2 Substitude and Point intersept and slope

slove for b?

-2=2(2)plus sign b

-2=4plus sign b



final y=2x-6