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Integrate f(x, y, z)?

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1 Answer

There are two ways do evaluate this volume.
The first is to use the high school formula for the volume of a pyramid.  This is V = (1/3) base_area x height.
The base area (in the x y plane) is 1/2.  The height = 3,   so   V =  (1/3) (1/2) 3  = 1/2.
The calculus method is to notice that we have a stack of isosceles right triangles all normal to the z axis. 
The side, s, of these triangles is  s(z) =  (3-z)/3.    Since the area of an isosceles triangle of side s is
    (1/2) s2 ,
we must integrate  (1/2) [ (3-z)/3 ]2  dz    from 0 to 3.    This integral is elementary because the integrand is
a polynomial form.    It evaluates to 1/2  as expected.