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how to graph y=1/3x+1

I am having trouble graphing inequalities

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If this is an inequality, it should be in the form of one, such as:
y ≥ (1/3)x + 1
First graph the line y = (1/3)x + 1.  It's a straight line with a slope of (1/3) and a y-intercept of 1.
  1. If y ≥, then the solution includes all points on the line and all points above the line.  Draw the line as a solid dark line and shade in (hashmark) the region above the line.
  2. If y >, the solution includes all points above the line but not the points on the line itself.  Draw the line as a dotted line to show that it is NOT part of the solution.  Hashmark (shade in) the region above the line
  3. y ≤ works just like the #1 above, except the solution is on and below the line.
  4. y < works just like #2 above except the solution is below the line (but not on it)