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Could someone please help me solve this equation?

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Ryan W. | Math & Science TutorMath & Science Tutor
The trick is to get the variable (x) on one side of the equation, and the numbers on the other side of the equation using inverse operations. This means you do the opposite operation to move a term from one side of the equation to the other side of the equation. Addition/Positive is opposites Subtraction & Multiplication is opposite of Division. FYI: the sides of the equation are separated by the equal sign (=).
5 - x = -2 - .5x  [I'm going to get the all the x on the left and the numbers on the right]
-5        -5          [Subtract five to get x by itself. You subtract because 5 is positive the opposite is subtract]
   -x = -7 -.5x
+.5x       +.5x
-.5x = -7          [Divide by -.5 to get x by itself. A number and a variable together is multiplication. The 
-.5       -.5          opposite of multiplication is division]
x= 14 
Check Your Answer:
5- 14= -2 - .5(14)
-9    = -2 -7
-9    = -9      [Correct]