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The conservative charge of a liberal bias in the media.....

The conservative charge of a liberal bias in the media

A) contains some truth because reporters are more likely than the general public to vote for Democrats for president.

B) is completely warranted because coverage of campaigns is slanted in favor of liberal candidates.

C) is completely false because the majority of journalists are Republicans.

D) is completely false because journalists avoid holding any political opinions at all.

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Just the phrase "conservative charge" raises my hackles.
We've had far too much charging by conservatives; what we have always needed, and usually do have, is objectivity in the press.  Devotion to truth is the credo of responsible reportage.
The people been conditioned by repetition of half truths, abandoning their responsibility to make sound judgments on their own. It takes time to judge character, and the populace has become lazy and lets others influence them.