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slope intercept 

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5 = (-2/3)*(3/1) + b


I'm still trying to figure out how either one of you knows what is to be done with this since no instructions were included. Steve simply rewrote it so it's "3/1" instead of just "3".  (Not seeing the point there.) And Parviz solved for b and then proceeded to just put it right back into slope-intercept form without the b that was just solved for.
The equation given looks like the student has found the slope, has a point, and is now trying to find the y-intercept. I thought she might be stuck on how to multiply 2/3 and 3 so I made the 3 into a fraction to give her a hint as to how to proceed.
Just guessing that , the problem is to find equation of a line with slope of -2/3 , and passing through points 3, and 5.
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This is a problem of
 Equation of a line passing through point ( 3,5) with slope -2/3.
    You need to evaluate b
    Plug it back to Y = mx +b
       5 = -2 + b
       b = 7
       Y = -2/3 X + b